Puppy Care Tips

You should get the things you will need for your new puppy ahead of time and have them at home before you come to pick up your new family member.

  • A small puppy crate
  • food and water bowl
  • puppy leash and collar
  • blanket
  • puppy food.

Now you’re ready to come and pick up your new German Shorthaired Pointer pup.
This is the most exciting time for you as a new puppy owner. You are picking up your puppy to take home to be a part of the family. Bring the puppy crate and blanket with you. Your puppy will be somewhat crate trained before you get them. This will be your puppy’s room so to speak, your pup will be crated in the vehicle you’re driving and when at home during sleep time and when you cannot keep an eye on the pup for whatever reason. Think of your pup as you would a child that just learned to walk. You have to keep them in your sight at all times and when it’s not possible they go in the crate. This keeps them safe! Many people let their pups sleep with them at night, I personally do not. I believe your dog should have its own place to sleep which is the crate for at least until they are 2yrs old. Then I have dog beds that my dogs sleep on at night which is their place to sleep.
The reason I crate up until 2 yrs. old is that a puppy is a puppy, it will get into trouble at times if unattended. maybe chew an electrical cord or eat something it should not be eating. The crate/ kennel keeps them safe from getting into trouble and is a great aid in housebreaking your pup. A puppy will almost always have to go potty when you let them out of the crate…. so get into the routine that every time the puppy leaves the crate you say (Outside) and bring your puppy out to go potty. Praise the pup when they relieve themselves , Good Boy/Girl.
Say outside every time you go out and praise them for going outside.
A puppy will usually have to g0 potty 20 minutes after food and water. You will be feeding/watering 3 times a day as per the instructions on the food your using. Again after 20 minutes say (outside) take them out wait for them to go and praise them for a good job. That the basics of house training. Put food and water down for them 3 times a day don’t leave it out. Give them some time and if they don’t finish take it away, they will adjust accordingly.
If you follow these steps house training will be a breeze. Say everything in a positive tone (Happy voice)
Positive reinforcement works!
Puppy’s learn quick by word association! If your pup is coming to you say (come) as they are coming to you. If they are sitting say (good sit). praise their actions with the command they will associate that word with the action.
This gives you a head start in training commands, it’s a process that takes time and consistence.
Keep in mind this is PUPPY stuff, AKA baby stuff, but it will help you when you start more disciplined training.

Another thing that will help you in setting up a good foundation for future training is a release command. This is a command that releases your dog from a obedience command. You can use any word but always use the same word. For instance the release command for my dogs is HUNT. you can use the dog’s name or whatever word you think of. When your dog is in the crate and you are going to let them out, don’t let them out until you give the release command. Slightly open the door and close until they stop trying to just bolt out. When they pause( because they think you’re going to shut the door again) say your release command and praise them for waiting for it. This will be used to release you dog from any command you have given it, for example sit, down, stay etc…
It will most importantly be the command to release your dog in in field when hunting.
Again Remember this is PUPPY 101. The first 2 months your pup is home bonding with the family, learning some basics by word association and praise!! And above all Patience.
Have chew toys for your pup, puppy’s want to chew!! Like teething kids, if they are chewing something they shouldn’t be nicely say NO and give them something they are allowed to chew, AKA their chew toy, then praise them up for chewing the toy.
Just wanted to write this in case it might help some first time puppy owners. It would be a book if I kept going. LOL Maybe I will write a book someday but not today.
So enjoy your new puppy and feel free to ask anything you may have questions on. And please send lots of pictures!!!!


Bob G.

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