Shore Shot Kennel is owned by Bob Gelder who is an avid hunter and outdoors-man that has been successfully hunting and training German Shorthaired Pointers and other pointing breeds for over 15 years. Located in Ocean County, NJ he trains various pointing breeds from all areas of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York. From NAVHDA tests to AKC events to everyday hunting Bob can help you accomplish the goals you set. Please reach out to him today!

Bob Gelder


I've always loved pheasant hunting and finally decided to take it to the next level. I purchased my first GSP from Bob and am extremely impressed with his breeding program. My dog Cana at 8mths old is showing a lot of potential and I am more then confident in her abilities. I am testing in the fall for her NA test and am certain she will excel. I also have been training with Bob and he is extremely knowledgeable and very professional. He will help you achieve you goals wether it be testing or just having a steady reliable hunting companion. I am so happy with his breeding program that I am going to be getting a second dog from him. Dan G.

Daniel Garcia

I looked no further than Shore Shot Kennels when deciding on where to purchase my first bird dog . Not only was I looking for a great breeder but someone that would work with me in helping to train my dog as well. Bob has a calm, confident approach to his training and believes that the goals you have set for you and your dog are achievable if you put in the time and work. He doesn't just train your dog he helps you learn how to train your dog. I'll be testing Mia in the Natural Ability test for NAVHDA in June and feel confident we will both do well from all I've learned while working with Bob. Thank you Bob for the time and effort you put into your training and thank you Blake for all the awesome pictures!

Joe Patti
hunter feb 13.jpg

I've been training with Bob for a few years on and off now. I started with a big running dog that was extremely hard to control, but had some great drive. With Bob's help I now have a dog with a solid point, that is steady through the fall, retrieves when released, and will back other dogs on point. A true bird dog. One thing in particular that I really like about Bobs training, is that he is willing to work with you to train your dog. If you are looking to be actively involved in the training of your dog with assistance, then look no further than Bob at Shore Shot.

Chris W

After bird hunting for years my husband and I finally decided to get our first GSP. We were referred to Bob by a good friend and brought our pup home in January. Bob coached us and trained us along with our dog. In June we tested in the Natural Ability test and she did great. She is a dream come true for us, and Bob is always available to give us advice and walk us through each phase of her training. She had her first hunt last month and her points were solid and she retrieved all the birds, and she was just under a year old. Bob is always willing to spend time with us and I know we could not have achieved Reba's success without him.

Lee Weil

I purchased my first German Shorthaired Pointer from Bob 7 months ago, and he's turning out to be the best dog ever. I've been working with Bob since Briar was 12 weeks old and the progress he's made is amazing. I recently tested Briar in the Natural Ability test for NAVHDA, he received a Prize 1 with a perfect score of 112 . We couldn't have done it with out the guidance and knowledge Bob has to offer. I'd recommend him to anyone as a trainer and breeder. He has the nicest German Shorthaired Pointers around!!!

Brad Sharp

Training my German Shorthaired Pointer by myself was going well. However,I hit a brick wall when I tried to train my dog to fetch properly. My dog would retrieve, run near me, spit the bird at me and quickly run back to the field. Bob Gelder was able to train my GSP to properly fetch in a few sessions. Once the fetch training was complete, the rest of the training seemed to come together! I would recommend calling Bob Gelder for your bird dog training needs.

Russ Taddei
maggs on point summer 2012

I have been training with Bob at Shore Shot since my GSP was a puppy.Bob is a fantastic trainer and is completely dedicated to not only seeing your dog perform at its highest potential, but to your development as well. The sessions are hands-on and tailored to each individual dog. Live birds and in-the field hunting scenarios to help you and your pup succeed at any level. It doesn't get any better!

Bill H. Plainsboro, NJ
gracie max and rock

Bob G is the best trainer and really loves German Shorthaired PointersMax is a really AMAZING German Shorthaired PointerBob trained my dog ROCK with the help of MAX and I would recommend Bob G to anyone who needs a new German Shorthaired Pointer or a Trainer He doesn't just train the dog to do anything you askHe also train the owner about the dogHonest man, Honest trainer, and now Honest breeder


I joined NAVHDA about 2yrs ago. That is where I met Bob Gelder and he has changed my experience with hunting and training of my Vizsla. With his help and expertise in handling and training bird dogs my Vizsla has become a successful bird dog. Bob always has a positive attitude through the rough and sometimes disappointing experiences in training.

I would recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced trainer.

Thank You, Bob for all your help in training me and my first hunting dog, could not have done it without you!!

Frank Zandomenego.

2.5 years ago I was introduced to Bob Gelder through another trainer (and I thank him for that). Bob has been able to work with Harley and me and get us through some rough times, and he has also been there for the rewarding times. Bob introduced me to NAVHDA where he helped Harley and I receive a prize #1 in NA, and now we are working towards UT. Bob is amazing when it comes to dog handling and knowing what exercise to run during the training sessions. Like any great tradesman Bob has all the right tools, supplies, and knowledge to help get you and your dog to its fullest potential.  If i had to sum it up, Bob loves what he does!! 

Karl Tyson

 We've been training with Bob Gelder for close to a year. With his help our older German Shorthaired Pointer is testing successfully at a NAVHDA UT level and our puppy is turning into quite the hunting dog. We couldn't be more happy with his training and would recommend him to anyone looking to get to the next level with their dog.  

Jim Simpson

About 2 years ago I was introduced to Bob G. through a mutual friend who is also a trainer. I was told that Bob was an excellent trainer who could board my dog to train her. When I first talked to Bob I was a little scared for the simple fact that I wanted my dog trained for the DK testing system at that time Bob advised me that he never really tested a dog in type of system. I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I made with his hard work we where able to get a prize 1 Derby and a prize 1 in the Solomons. I recommend anyone who wants to get the best out of there dog and the best out of a trainer to contact Bob G. Thanks for all the hard work we both know it wasn't easy.

Mike C.